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multi-colored human headModern medicine takes a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, which isn’t working. It’s time for a more precise, personalized, multidimensional solution to deliver quality care specific to patient demographics, genetics, and risk factors.

Pearsanta is the company to deliver on “Health by the Numbers” to providers and patients through personalized, data-driven diagnostic and monitoring solutions with increased specificity and meaningful insights for optimal health and wellness. As a medical diagnostic and innovation company, Pearsanta addresses biosample collection, processing, and the delivery of actionable information.

With our patented technology and existing commercialization infrastructure in place, which includes a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited monitoring center, Pearsanta is operationally ready to roll out innovations through diverse channels and delivery models. Our goal is to positively disrupt healthcare, whereby detecting and monitoring health conditions by the numbers becomes the new paradigm.

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The ability for people to discover and evaluate a meaningful view of their immune system provides the best chance for them to make informed personal health and safety decisions.
amro albannaAMRO ALBANNA

Interim Pearsanta CEO | Aditxt Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

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